Heidi Anne D2I entry

My entry for Heidi Anne’s contest! Hope you like it! And also, if you ever decide on a name that you want, I kept blank copies of both so I can customize the name. Just for future notice 🙂

still waiting 2

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Two new social medias!!


#019 Polyvore


#020 Goodreads

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I’m entering a book cover contest at Designed to Inspire! Enjoy! And if you would like me to make a book cover for your latest novel be sure to contact me! 🙂

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newest designs:

Newest social medias! FINALLY done!

#017 Vimeo

#018 Picasa

PS: sorry for the visible malfuntion on the Social Medias page. Going to fix now!


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newest designs:

New designs!

[watermark, entry for contest]

NEW SOCIAL MEDIA BUTTON! #016 hellocotton

Picasa and Vimeo are on the way, and you can pre-order! See more info about the above button and to pre-order a button on my Social medias page!


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help me!!

Can someone please help me with a tagline??? I am at a loss. can’t think of ANYTHING. Except “designing 4 u” which I don’t like. :/

Oh, and to those who may not know, “[tmk]” stands for “[through my keyboard]”. Make sense now?

love you guys! Thanks to all who have followed and checked out my new design blog!

Thought I’d share some old buttons I have made to show some of how I design!



Newest design, made for Ruby

lotzofluv, Hannah

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newest designs:

[click to see full design]

Made by request of:

Made by idea found from:

PS: thanks!!

Made for:


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hey y’all!

Hey I decided to make a blog where I can put all of my buttons I design and post about updates and new buttons. Feel free to follow or check the other pages for my buttons and how to order them!

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